Ironberry Plan Publications

Listed are the institute's groundbreaking publications for the Ironberry Plan. This plan starts a science station on Mars using local steel construction and abundant electricity.

Olsen, R.M., 2024 (Accepted for publication, in proofs, to be published June/July, 2024). The Ironberry Plan: an Electric and Steel-making Way to Build a Science Station on Mars. Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (A limited number of free copies are available, email the author,

Olsen, R.M., 2022. Searching Mass-Balance Analysis to Find the Composition of Martian Blueberries. Minerals, 12(6), 777.

Olsen, R.M., 2022. Method and Apparatus for Fast Iron and Nickel Carbonylation. US Patent Application 63/307,826 (filed Feb 8, 2022).

Olsen, R.M., 2022. Liberation of Mineral-bound Water of the Meridiani Planum Driven by Process Heat from Carbonylation Steel-making and Concentrated Photovoltaic Electrcity Generation. In ASCE Earth and Space Conference 2022, Denver, Colorado, USA. https//

Olsen, R.M., 2021. Iron Oxide Harvesting on Mars. In AIAA ASCEND 2021, 4037, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.