Ironberry Plan Publications

Listed are the institute's groundbreaking publications for the Ironberry Plan. This plan starts a science station on Mars using local steel and concrete construction and abundant electricity.

Olsen, R.M., 2023. Building the Electrical Means of the Ironberry Plan for Mars. In preparation for submission to the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society.

Olsen, R.M., 2023. Extremely high iron oxide content in Martian ironberries. In prepration for submission to Minerals or the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets.

Olsen, R.M., 2022. Searching Mass-Balance Analysis to Find the Composition of Martian Blueberries. Minerals, 12(6), 777.

Olsen, R.M., 2022. Method and Apparatus for Fast Iron and Nickel Carbonylation. US Patent Application 63/307,826 (filed Feb 8, 2022).

Olsen, R.M., 2022. Liberation of Mineral-bound Water of the Meridiani Planum Driven by Process Heat from Carbonylation Steel-making and Concentrated Photovoltaic Electrcity Generation. In ASCE Earth and Space Conference 2022, Denver, Colorado, USA. https//

Olsen, R.M., 2021. Iron Oxide Harvesting on Mars. In AIAA ASCEND 2021, 4037, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.